Temple Church | Jonathan & Theresa

Jonathan and Theresa were married in The Temple Church in London, built some 800 years ago by the Knights Templar it is one of the most beautiful and historic churches in which I’ve had the pleasure of filming.

People often ask me how the ceremony is edited together so I thought it might be helpful to provide a full example here so visitors can see for themselves.

Generally speaking I will have several cameras covering the event, a couple of locked off high wides, another at the back of the church, whilst one will usually be to the side at the front. I don’t move around with the cameras during the service, and all the filming positions are as discreet as possible. The benefit of having so many angles is that you’re ensured of spectacular cutaways and nothing is missed!

I edit the whole ceremony together in realtime and provide it in full as part of the main film. It is chapter marked so you can easily skip through the significant parts if you wish, and of course a short form edit of the ceremony makes up part of the Highlights film.

Marriage: The Temple Church, London
Photographer: Martin Oliver