8 Hours Attendance

Signature Wedding Film

Full Length Film

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12 Hours Attendance

Signature Wedding Film

Full Length Film

Drone (where possible)

Additional Static Cameras





Everything in the ‘Director’s Cut’ package

2nd Videographer

London Wedding Videographer Prices | Wedding Film Studio

Premiere Package

This includes up to 8 hours attendance and comes with one videographer as standard. Discreet & unobtrusive filming techniques, 80+ hours editing and sound mixing, and your choice of music.

There is the option to add a 2nd videographer for an additional charge.

Director’s Cut Package

This includes everything in the Premiere Package including the Signature Film and the Full Length Film, but these are even better thanks to the 12 hours attendance time which allows us to film even more. There are also the many filming add-ons including additional static cameras, stabilisers, slider, timelapses, and aerial filming (subject to weather, location and permissions).

Signature Wedding Film – an extremely high quality film which captures all the atmosphere and emotion of the wedding in a stunning short film format, just like the films on this website. It is all of the highlights of the day cinematically edited together and is perfect for watching again and again and sharing with family and friends.

Full Length Film – a longer documentary style film that includes the ceremony and speeches in full along with your choice of music.

London Wedding Videographer Prices | Wedding Film Studio
London Wedding Videographer Prices | Wedding Film Studio

Director’s Cut +

This is our most fully featured package and includes everything in the Director’s Cut package, with the addition of a 2nd videographer.

Having the additional videographer means we’re able to capture more footage on the day, and means we have an extra operated camera angle for the ceremony & speeches. So, for example, during the ceremony we could have a videographer at both the front and back of the church, and for the speeches one person could be filming the speaker whilst the other films reactions. For weddings where there are multiple venues (bridal preps/church/reception) it is particularly helpful as we could be filming in different places at the same time, or during venue moves, one person could be setting up/packing down equipment whilst the other is filming to ensure continuous coverage.

Having an additional videographer also frees up other filming to take place whilst the principal videographer is waiting on a key moment – for example, the arrival of the bride, or for a speech to start. It also enables us to film more establishing and detail shots. For example, whilst one person is filming the reception the other could move ahead to the wedding breakfast to film finishing shots. The 2nd videographer is highly recommended.