Houses of Parliament Wedding | Simon & Abi

Well, it’s not every day you get to film a wedding in the Houses of Parliament! Special permission had been granted for Simon and Abi to get married there, and it really made for a very memorable day.

Aware of the strict security, searches and x-rays that would be required to get my many cases of camera gear into the building that is the heart of British government, I thought it best to turn up early! There were also fairly tight restrictions on what we were allowed to film, fortunately being so early allowed me plenty of time to make friends with the men with the big guns, and so we were able to get those beautiful steadicam shots through Westminster Hall and the Central Lobby (another advantage of filming with HD SLRs, they’re a lot less conspicuous than big old video cameras!)

The wedding ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful – Simon and Abi had written their own personal vows, and it makes such a difference – the most significant words you’ll ever say, when they are genuinely your own words, and from the heart.

Simon & Abi left after their wedding breakfast to head on to their reception venue, this meant a short walk from Westminster to their waiting Routemaster bus, and our couple with their Union Jack umbrella and the Houses of Parliament disappearing behind them was pretty iconic!

Lovely intimate wedding, in a grand venue, and a great couple :)

– Simon

Wedding Venue: Houses of Parliament