Wedding Drone Filming

Weddings – An Aerial Perspective

One of the most exciting developments in wedding cinematography over recent years has been the advent of aerial drone filming. Being able to position a camera virtually anywhere in space unlocks huge creative potential for wedding filmmakers and offers a whole new perspective. As an experienced wedding film company we have been at the forefront of this exciting new technology and use it creatively in our filmmaking.


Filming a wedding utilising a drone adds a whole extra level of production value and there’s no better way to show off your wedding venue! Not only can we quickly get many more angles, that would have previously taken far longer moving a heavy camera around from position to position, but we can also choose whatever elevation best suits the shot. And beyond providing us with many more compositional options for your wedding film, it also allows us to quickly perform camera moves through space that just a few years ago would have only been possible in Hollywood feature films, if possible at all!

As well as providing fantastic sweeping shots of your wedding venue, drone filming can be a great way to transition from one wedding location to another, quickly following the action that may be difficult from a land based perspective. Drones can also offer stunning 360 degree shots of your wedding, moves that were previously only the purview of Steadicam, and do so without many of the restrictions of that system. Drone filming is an incredibly exciting tool and allows us to create wedding films in a way we would never have dreamed possible only a few years back!


CAA Approved Aerial Drone Filming for Weddings

For all the creative opportunities drone filming offers at weddings, it is also a skill to operate safely, and safety needs to be of primary concern. For this reason drone filming at weddings is stringently regulated and in order to offer this service professionally at a wedding, anybody operating a drone needs to have an Operator ID from the CAA, and it’s only with this ID that drone operators can be insured. Most wedding venues will only allow drone operators with full insurance cover – not only the standard public liability required to film a wedding, but also aerial public liability. We are fully approved and fully insured.